Expert in Sports Medicine: Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Tobolski

His many years of work in the treatment of orthopedic conditions as well as acute sports injuries helped Prof. Tobolski gain extensive knowledge on the degenerative and traumatic facets of sports.

Meanwhile he shares his expertise with many professional athletes as well as sports federations.

Due to his wide experience in connection with regular exchange at the highest level and constant further development Prof. Tobolski has become a sought-after point of contact for athletes as well as for their managers and trainers.

He willingly shares his knowledge at various specialist conferences where he gives lectures on sports-related injuries, damages and strain injuries and how they can be prevented.

One focus of his work is the sport-specific rehabilitation and prevention: how can reasonable training help prevent sports injuries; what is the best follow-up treatment for a professional athlete after an injury/surgical intervention to allow a fast return to sports.

The close cooperation with our in-house physical therapists enables Prof. Tobolski to permanently develop new projects that minimize an athlete’s downtime without overstraining him or her.

Prof. Tobolski has given numerous presentations at congresses, published articles in specialist journals and often gives interviews to various media.