22-1433344874-header-praxisOur name SPORTHOMEDIC is a combination of the terms sports orthopedics and medicine, and it basically describes the focus of our activities: the treatment of various sports injuries and the restoration of your ability to participate in sports. Both areas play an important part in modern society.

What does SPORTHOMEDIC do for you?

We optimize your individual athletic performance while taking your training and competition schedule into account, so that you reach your maximum physical fitness when it is most important for you. Our range of services includes the surgical or conservative therapy of strain and sports injuries, and we draw on our experiences from top-class sports, when dealing with the most complex scenarios and under extreme stress. Furthermore our staff at SPORTHOMEDIC constantly expand their expertise and know-how through regular further training in the fields of general sports medicine as well as orthopedic and arthroscopic surgery.

Who are the clients of SPORTHOMEDIC?

Numerous handball and soccer players, bicyclists, long-distance runners, track and field athletes and tennis players rely on us just like the police officers of the Special Deployment Commando Cologne. All patients benefit from the enormous experience that is constantly expanded through our day-to-day practice. Top athletes, recreational athletes as well as occasional hobby athletes and even people with conditions that do not arise from sports activities. Our focus of treatment includes degenerative joint disease (ankle, knee and shoulder), foot and hand surgery, pediatric orthopedics as well as joint replacement, particularly in the knee.

The team at SPORTHOMEDIC is always happy to answer your questions!