Our great services for you include:

Orthopedics and Surgery:

  • Cruciate Ligament Surgery
  • Foot Surgery
  • Meniscus Surgery
  • Orthopedic Therapies for Pediatric Foot Deformities
  • Pediatric Orthopedics

Pain Therapy for Spine Conditions

  • Periradicular Therapy for Back Pain (PRT)
  • Mesotherapy for Back Pain
  • Pain Therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht (LNB Therapy)

Types of Therapy:

  • Laser Therapy / Laser Treatment
  • Shockwave Therapy/ Shockwave Treatment
  • 4-dimensional spine analysis
  • Sports Osteopathy
  • Hyaluronic Acid Therapy
  • Tennis Elbow Treatment
  • Treatment of Sports Injuries
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Plantar Pressure Measurement
  • Autologous Blood Injection (ABI/ACP)

Conservative Treatment

Besides the surgical therapy that is regularly performed at SPORTHOMEDIC for the treatment of joint injuries we also offer conservative therapies for musculoskeletal conditions.

Not every injury requires a surgical intervention. After an extensive examination we inform the patient about all existing therapy options and initiate a conservative (i.e. non-surgical) therapy by our specialists at SPORTHOMEDIC if needed.

Conservative treatment comprises manual and physiotherapeutic methods as well as movement exercises (e.g. with a kinesiology tape) that the patients will carry out by themselves after extensive information and training.

In addition SPORTHOMEDIC offers local infiltration therapies of muscles, tendons or joints in strict compliance with infection prophylaxis techniques.

Furthermore conservative therapy comprises sport-specific consultations, i.e. we inform patients, which types of sports they can participate in considering their condition and when they can return to their sports activities after an injury.

Back pain is a widespread disease and a typical target area for conservative therapy.

Our specialists for conservative orthopedics, Marco Sieger and Octavian Florescu, are competent points of contact for our patients.

Extensive education and intensive further education ensures that SPORTHOMEDIC offers a wide range of conservative therapy options that are suitable for the treatment of chronic back pain.

Surgical Therapy

424-1433344874-header-operative-therapieAt the sports orthopedic clinic SPORTHOMEDIC in Cologne patients who have to undergo surgical intervention can receive inpatient or outpatient medical care. The decision on which option is the most useful depends strongly on individual factors, such as underlying conditions, the suitability for anesthesia and the possibility for in-home care. Before the procedure the physician will inform the patient about the planned procedure, the risks and benefits, and decide together with the patient whether an inpatient or outpatient treatment appears more reasonable.

If the patient is scheduled for an outpatient intervention he or she will be admitted early on the day of surgery and can leave the hospital again in the afternoon if no postoperative complications occur. Our patients can fully recover from the procedure in their familiar environment.

For safety reasons the patient will receive an emergency phone number to reach their attending physician or surgeon at any time.

Sometimes there is no adequate in-home care available, or the procedure is too extensive for an outpatient treatment. In such cases the patient will be admitted on the day of surgery and will stay at the hospital for two or three days. The exact length of stay depends on the type and extent of the surgical procedure.

During their stay at the hospital patients will receive medical care by the physicians of the clinic SPORTHOMEDIC while the staff at the hospital is responsible for the nursing care.
As soon as the patient has left the hospital he or she can receive follow-up treatment at the clinic at Bonner Straße 207.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery at the clinic SPORTHOMEDIC comprises surgical interventions due to degenerative signs of wear in the joints and as a result of sports injuries. Shoulder, knee and ankle joints are especially vulnerable to injuries as they are subject to particular stress and strain during sports activities. The shoulder area is often subject to pain syndromes, such as the impingement syndrome or lesions of the rotator cuff. In some of these cases a conservative treatment is insufficient. If pain can not be relieved despite treatment a surgical therapy in form of arthroscopy might be a good treatment option. A surgical intervention may also help in case of chronic instabilities of the joint after an ankle sprain. For this purpose the clinic SPORTHOMEDIC uses advanced surgical techniques, such as arthroscopy or lateral ligament repair using a biodegradable anchor.

The team of SPORTHOMEDIC is particularly experienced in the treatment of various injuries of the knee joint, especially the treatment of meniscus tears and cruciate ligament ruptures. From recreational to professional athlete – in case of an injury everybody benefits from a professional and competent treatment. Therefore SPORTHOMEDIC can look back on a long series of successful treatments of professional as well as recreational athletes.